How To Make High-End Skin Softening in 1 Minute or Less in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I can learn how to make High-End Skin Softening in 1 Minute or Less in Photoshop. Still intact ready for this in 1 minute or less also at the end of the tutorial. I’m going to show you how to do the same thing in 30 seconds or less see guys. This tutorial is really really special for you. if you have not watched any other website. but make sure you watch this one so stay tuned, so let’s jump to the tutorial.

High-End Skin Softening

Straight into it so the first thing that you need to do make a duplicate of the background layer, to do that ctrl+ J a Comanche if you using a Mac and then invert it ctrl+ I command+I if you are using a Mac. And then now I know this looks like a scene from a horror movie.

High-End Skin Softening in 1 Minute or Less in Photoshop

But wait it gets better to change the blend mode from normal to vivid. Like vivid light now this makes things much more worse I know but let’s look at it better okay. Go to filter other high passes and set the value to 24 is set that’s fine Click OK. Now go to filterblurGaussian blur now this is gonna create magic let’s zoom in quite a bit and keep the value around 3 & 4 keep the value around such a number which accentuates the pores in the skin and the skin texture as general so too much of it is not good. That also introduces a lot of wrinkles we don’t want too much of this I think in this case 4 will work just fine keep it for click ok.

Now, this is prepared the skin is smooth. But the problem is the skin smoothing is being applied to all over the image. Also applies to the hair, applies on the clothes, supplies on the eyes it doesn’t look right. Does it so now all you need to do is press and hold alt or option and create a mask. Click on this one this creates a negative mask for it now. Select the brush make sure the foreground color is white. If it’s not press D, and then just start painting over it you can keep the floor art at around 40-50 whatever I would keep a hundred to make the work a little faster, and there you.

Go start painting over the skin and there you have it don’t paint over the areas that are supposed to be sharp. Like the eyes like the beneath of the nostrils okay. Don’t paint over those areas just paint over the areas that are supposed to be soft okay. Don’t paint over the highlights suppose there’s a highlight here don’t paint over it that takes away the natural effect from there but you can paint over it just a little bit, stay away from the lips stay away from these highlights. don’t paint over them okay just I’m doing a very slow job.

You can do it fast there you go now if you have accidentally painted some extra areas. You can always press X this switch is the foreground of the background color. Makes it black and then you can paint in the areas that you would like. The sharpness back so we don’t want sharpness in this area and these areas okay. Beneath the eyebrows, so we would paint these areas with white there you. Go this that’s ping tool here now how much time did it take you to tell me if you do this, I just explained it to you. But if you do this will take just a minute and a half or a minute okay. So let’s look at the before and after image. Make the high-end skin softening in 1 minute or less in photoshop

High-End Skin Softening in 1 Minute or Less in Photoshop

So this is the before and after difference. So you can always go ahead and decrease the opacity. If you want I think for this in this case 75 is good you don’t want to make her look young. again okay. So this is the before this is the after of course, it shows a little bit of eyebags. So you can go ahead and remove the eye bags before doing this anything. That you want to do blemish removal or eye bags remover or mole removal anything that you want to do. Do it before doing the skin smoothing because you don’t want to apply any kind of skin smoothing above.

The blemishes because this kind of start, looking now let’s learn how to do the same thing in 30 seconds or less and for that, we have to create an action. Let’s delete this image, and now go to Windows and actions now. This opens up the actions dialog box and what the actions dialog box does is that it records your actions and when you play it later it just repeats those actions.

So now all you need is to do all the steps again. But record it so click on this new action and name it skin smooth the name quick okay, set default action is fine. You can set the groups you can set the function key for it if you.

High-End Skin Softening in 1 Minute or Less in Photoshop

Want to set a function. Key for example f1 – f2 – f3 you can set, that key for it when you press that key automatically. The skin will be smooth into okay click record now.

This is recording now what we did create a duplicate Ctrl+J okay.

Control+I change the blend mode to what ribbit light and then go to filter other high pass the value is 24 okay, and go to filter – blurGaussian blur the value is 4. Now it depends it usually stays in or around 3 or 4 so you can make two actions 1 for 4or 1 for 3 depending upon the size of the portrait ok. So, in this case, I would set foreign this works for most of my images and click OK and then we have to create a negative mask press and hold alt or option + click on it and select a brush and make sure that the foreground color is white.

Now stop the recording click on this. This stops the recording okay. Now, this is saved now all you need to do let’s delete it let’s zoom out and this time. All you need to do is make sure the background layer is selected. It’salready selected by default and click on this skin-smoothing quickly which we just created ok, and play it and it will do that automatically up until the point where. We just have to paint now it has selected the brush for you it has selected the foreground color for you.

High-End Skin Softening in 1 Minute or Less in Photoshop

You just have to paint now ok and there. You have it if you can paint in 15 seconds you can do that in 15 seconds. I can paint in 15 seconds really quickly okay. There you go it’s pretty much done not so pretty nicely our accurately but that’s done. How much time does it did it take 15 seconds to 20 seconds. I don’t know how much time does it take, but it gives you a really fantastic result in no time. So that’s pretty much it for this tutorial. I hope you liked it. Thanks for visiting.

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