Top 10 Free Download Creative Fonts For Logo Designer

Top 10 Free Download Creative Fonts For Logo Designer. This collection includes the best free script fonts, serif fonts, sans-serif fonts, decorative fonts, and much more to match for the Logo Design projects. Go ahead, scroll down and start downloading. All fonts are free to download with the download link.

Logo design is a very popular medium of income, someone works for $ 5, or someone works for $ 5000. Depending on your intelligence, skills, research, and communication skills. Many people nowadays have built a very good career just by designing logos. You Can Also Free Download Best 10 Fonts For Logo Design With Download Link

Have we ever wondered which fonts are used in famous logos? Or, what fonts are used in the logo you see on the poster here?

Which font is best for logo design?

A good font selection will give you some extra benefits for your logo and overall branding. An inappropriate font, on the other hand, can ruin your company’s impression.

There are several main categories of fonts, let’s find out their names and what kind of impressions they give.

  1. Serif Fonts: Small vertical lines at the end of each stroke. These classic fonts give a sense of tradition, respect, reliability, and comfort.
  2. Sans Serif Fonts: These bring a little more modern look. Their main messages are; Aspiration, innovation and brilliance.
  3. Script Fonts: These look like pens. These fonts show elegance, creative thinking and tenderness.
  4. Modern Fonts: These are straightforward new style fonts. These fonts are famous for progress, elegance and style.
  5. Display Fonts: These are specially designed fonts that are unusual for a logo. These fonts express sensitivity, uniqueness and friendliness.

You can see the examples of each font in the picture along with the name of the font. You can choose any type of font for your business logo.

Creative Fonts For Logo Designer

Number One: Adidas
Font Use: Avant Garde Gothic Demi font

Number Two: Adobe
Font Use: Myriad Pro Bold font

Number Three: BBC
Font Use: Gill Sans std font

Number Four: American Eagle
Font Use: EB Garamond font

Number Five: Black & Decker
Font Use: Avenir Black font

Number Six: ESPN
Font Use: ESP font

Number Seven: Facebook
Font Use: Klavika Bold font

Number Eight: FedEx
Font Use: Futura Bold font

Number Nine: Standard Chartered
Font Use: Helvatica Neue 55 Roman font

Number Ten: Walt Disney
Font Use: Walt Disney Script font

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