Best 5 Fonts Download Free for Commercial Use

Best 5 Fonts Download Free for Commercial Use

Best 5 Fonts Download Free for Commercial Use. FREE fonts that will make your graphic designs looks superior! Download them today.

I do have a lot of post on this website that showcases and talk about free fonts. However, in today’s post we look at the attributes of the fonts, so that we can better understand how to use them, and how they can fit into our workflows as graphic designers.

You can of course find all of the free for commercial use fonts linked included. And they are a lovely selection of 5 typefaces that offer many font files for you to use on commercial projects. Be it a logo design, brochure, or social media artwork. Whatever it is, you can use these fonts on your graphic design projects with ease.

Today we’re looking at some of the best free fonts that you can grab right now. But we’re also going to rank them based on multiple different characteristics, and that’s so you can better understand how to use these fonts. Yeah, don’t worry I’ve made sure every single thing is free for commercial use in today’s article.

The first one Is Humane

That starts with this typeface right here Humane. Humane is an incredibly narrow sans-serif typeface that comes in seven different ways. And they go from extra light all the way up to bold. Now if we come over and take a look at the characteristics. You can see it has an almost top score for versatility.

That’s because there are multiple different ways for us to use there’s upper in lowercase letters and there’s numerical values as well. But what does let it down in terms of Versatility is the fact, that it’s so narrow and that makes it ideally only suited for headings and titles pretty much.

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You’d really find it difficult to use this one for body text on your designs. It’s quite a serious and loud typeface. So again it’s great for headings and titles. Specific designs where you might be lacking white space and room. It is a Sans serif, but it does seem kind of retro in some respects, so it doesn’t seem too modern to look at. And this typeface does struggle to look luxurious. So it’s probably not best for designers that do call for kind of luxurious Style typeface.

The second one is Leiko

Next up we have Leiko. It’s only available in one weight and we don’t even have any italics. However there are lower and uppercase letter forms and numbers too, it could be used for body text and headings pretty easily. So that does make it pretty versatile Leiko is a very serious and an elegant typeface and it does come across as quite luxurious. I can imagine this being used for a high-end handbag brand or something like that.

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It’s not too loud but also it’s not too discreet, it’s a really well made and well-crafted serif typeface, that you can grab right now.

The fourth one is Cabinet Grotesque

Next up we have the typeface Cabinet Grotesque. This typeface is really versatile coming in with eight different weights lower and uppercase letter forms along with numbers. But we also have web type options in the download folder as well. which is always nice to have, but again there are no italics. it’s a very modern and clean looking Sans serif typeface. so it would be great to use for a new and emerging brand that wants to Target younger audiences.

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it’s also very legible so it would be great for body text as well as headaches. The thinner options of this could represent luxury if used correctly. For example, a modern fashion brand or a modern kind of perfume brand. But overall it’s a very versatile and a great addition to have as a graphic designer into your font library and of course it’s free. So far in today’s post we’ve looked at some really great free fonts.

Obviously, typography is a hugely important part of any website designer, UI UX designer and Graphic Designer

The third one is Mersad

The fourth free font selection is coming from the typeface Mustad. this is another Sans serif typeface, but this one borders on the area of being trendy and unconventional without going full experimental. now as you can see on the F’f¬†and the R’r the form is really quite unique and a bit odd.

Best 5 Fonts Download Free for Commercial Use


This is coupled with the slightly narrow style that the typeface does have. now I would say it’s very modern and it’s really well made as well. it does have the potential to be allowed in heavier weights. and it’s also quite an intention-seeking style of typefacing some regards. and you can find this in nine different ways, but again no italics. what do we have to do to get some metallics around here seriously? but yeah this will be used for trendy modern and not-too-serious designs.

The fifth one is Sanchez

Number five is actually something taken right from Google and that is Sanchez. this is an interesting one because it only comes in one weight and so obviously it’s not that versatile. that being said we do have up and lowercase letters and also numbers too now. The reason I’ve added it to today’s list is just because it’s so damn gorgeous. for a slab serif, it really does an excellent job of looking so clean and so robust.

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It can easily be used on body text as well as headings and doesn’t come across as overly serious. and that’s due to the lowercase letters being quite round and quite approachable. it would be really awesome to have this in multiple different ways. so when you’re working on a design just ask yourself what do you want the design to say and what do you want the audience to feel. then you can ask the same questions about the typeface you’re looking at.

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