Top 4 Design Mistakes Beginners or Non-Designers Make

Top 4 Design Mistakes Beginners or Non-Designers Make

Today’s this tutorial I wanted to share with you the top 4 design mistakes that I see beginners or non-designers make.

Don’t worry if you make any of these mistakes, are easy to fix mistakes. I’m actually going to demo for you today the mistake and then the solutions that you know exactly what you need to do in order to fix it if we haven’t met before.

No 01: Fill The Entire Canvas

Is having your design fill the entire canvas what you want is to have white space or empty space around your design. This is going to make your design much easier to read and look way more professional. So for example, with this design here all of the elements have been really stretched out and are taking up the entire canvas.

So as you can see you know the text is hitting the edge here and even on this site that’s really not enough space so what you want is some empty or white space around each of your elements. See the before and after. You can also visit Most Useful Photoshop CC Tips and Tricks to Work Faster in 2020

So as you can see there’s this empty or white space all the way around it and it now looks a lot more professional and is easier on the eye. So see if you can add more white space to your designs.

NO 02: Not Understanding Hierarchy

Number two design mistakes that I see beginners or non-designers

It is not understanding hierarchy, so you want the font sizes that you use to help convey your message. So you might be using the same font type and size to display all of the information in your design. But what you want to do instead is add some hierarchy to your design.

So by this, I mean using different font types and sizes to communicate is the most important part of your design. So in this example, the most important thing that someone needs to understand about this particular promotion is that it’s Grand Opening Day the other information such as the company name and the date and time that it’s happening is more secondary. So by using different font types and sizes, we make it much easier to understand plus it looks way better too.

Top 4 Design Mistakes Beginners or Non-Designers Make - Not Understanding Hierarchy


No 03: Using A Dark Color Font On A Dark Background

It is one that I see all the time and this is using a dark color font on top of a dark background which makes it very difficult to read. So here is an example of that and as you can see it’s just a bit too tricky to read so you really want to always be prioritizing legibility and luckily this is a really easy fix. So see the before and after.

Using A Dark Color Font On A Dark Background

So all you need to do is change your font to a lighter text and then just double-check it and make sure that it is a shade that is really easy to read on your particular background and this is also going to look much more professional.

No 04: Piling Way Too Much

It is one that you might be guilty of and that is piling way too much into one design. This is a problem that I see across lots of different mediums whether it’s your PowerPoint slides or your social media graphics don’t overload your designs.

So I totally get it you want to give your audience all the information that they need to know. But the problem with this is that it looks too cluttered and they’ll just scan past it if that’s the case, so rather than telling them absolutely everything that they could know about your event instead what you want to do is keep it simple and only include the most important facts. So here is one example

Piling Way Too Much

that you could have done which is a much more simple design or you honestly could make it even simpler and just go with something like this so always be including the absolute essentials and you can always include the rest of the information in your caption instead. You can also visit Best New Technology To Enhance Texture in Photoshop

Piling Way Too Much

Alright, guys so those are the top four mistakes that I see Beginners or Non-Designers make doing. I hope that you found this tutorial helpful and that would be before and afters you now know exactly how to fix these problems. If you like this tutorial definitely give it a comment below.

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