Most Useful Photoshop CC Tips and Tricks to Work Faster in 2020

Get on my fellow designers and creatives hope we’re all doing well this is from the website and I am back again today with another awesome tutorial. In this post, we’re gonna take a look at Most Useful Photoshop CC Tips and Tricks to Work Faster in 2020 to work faster in Adobe Photoshop CC and some of these are new to photoshop CC 2019 and some of these have been existing in the old versions as well. But not many people knew about these cool tips to work faster some of you might know these tips and tricks and some of you might not so if you’re getting started into Photoshop or using Photoshop for the very first time then this is something you guys will really love, So let’s get started.

No 01: Show or Hide Tool Tips

Want so it’s pretty cool now, the first feature is showing or hiding tooltips so for example if I choose a tool as you can see you know it gives me this kind of a you know like a tooltip saying or what it can do if I want to hide that it’s pretty simple I’ll have to go to edit menu I can go to preferences and I can go to general um and then we can go to tools section and we can unhide show tooltips and you know even hide easily use rich tooltips so and then click on OK and anytime we go or a tool it doesn’t show me the tooltip so pretty cool. You can also visit Top 10 Awesome Photoshop Tricks For Beginners

Show or Hide Tool Tips
Show or Hide Tool Tips

No 02: Navigate Between Dashboard and Documents

Alright, guys so this is the home screen of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 and the next cool trick is to get into Photoshop directly you know without opening any document so to quickly illustrate that what I mean is if you click on any of you know the projects that we have and you know I can go back to the home button to go back and I can check out and open up another project file maybe like so and if I want to go back again I can go back to the home screen and you know the dashboard and you know I can just open up everything.

No 03: Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts so for those of you didn’t know. You can go to keyboard shortcuts by pressing ctrl+alt+shift and K and you know you could assign keyboard shortcuts to any things that you want. So if you want to change control new, you can just click on it and then enter the shortcut and you know just click on accept and it’s pretty much done. And it’s easy to navigate so you can go to the panel menus. You can go to the tools you know whatever you want you can even set a custom shortcut a preset if you guys want based on any project you’re working so it’s pretty cool. You can also visit How to Create SNOW in Photoshop – Make REALISTIC Snow In Photoshop

Keyboard Shortcut

No 04: UI Font Size

Scale the UI font size based on the size of your screen so let’s see how that looks so if I go to edit menu and then I go and choose preferences and then I choose the interface. All right over here you can see the UI font size is small and scale UI To font is what we have. So click on you know – click on the check box over here and I’m gonna set this to large and it says the Changes will affect the next time you start Photoshop. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to click on OK. And then gonna go quit and come back into Photoshop. You can see there is a slight change already to the UI elements that some of them are pretty big and also these font size is pretty big. So if you’re using a pretty big monitor then you could definitely go ahead and put the setting to make sure that you know you could see them perfectly from a far distance.

UI Font Size
UI Font Size

No 05: “N” Keyboard Shortcuts

The next tip is about the keyboard shortcuts again so I only mentioned this before but this time if you go to keyboard shortcuts and you know there is the letter “N” and stands for nothing that has not been assigned it to anything right now so you could definitely go and use the keyboard shortcut and assign it to anything as. You can see if you look through it there is no “N” use anywhere, so it’s pretty handy that’s something that Photoshop has deliberately done so that you guys can have another letter to use enough for anything so.

No 06: Skip Transform When Placing an Image

All right guys so the next tip is going to be very helpful for everybody who uses Photoshop this is super awesome now let’s see we have an image that we want to drag into and place it on our document please go to your image folder and just drag in an image and throw that over here and as you can see this is what usually happens we get the bounding box with the transform automatically applied and you hit ENTER it is going to go ahead and place that now let’s see how to do it without pressing ENTER by just dragging it and dropping it directly into Photoshop. So if you go to edit menu and you go to preferences. That says skip transform when placing, click on okay. Now let’s see what happens you going to delete this old image, and I’m gonna import it again. So go back to your folder and then just drag and drop it, and then you don’t have to transform it. It is already placed inside which is pretty cool and pretty awesome. Because it’s really a pain to press ENTER every time you drop in an image. You can just take multiple images and drag them and drop them on inside. And it’s going to start placing them one by one and you don’t have to press ENTER every single time pretty helpful tips.

Skip Transform When Placing an Image
Skip Transform When Placing an Image

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