Top 10 Free Font Download Website 2023

Top 10 Free Font Download Website

Free Font Download Website. You love free fonts and I love free fonts. But what are the top 10 Free Font Download Websites. Listen carefully to today’s list, because some of these websites have interesting features that you need to know about. And yes you will know some of these websites. But I highly doubt you know every single one on today’s list.

Number One: Font Struct

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The first one is called “Font Struct” now this is a really interesting thing indeed because it’s a free font creation tool that you can use to make your own fonts and then upload them onto the website. Now you can view what people have been making in the gallery section, and then check the licensing next to the font downloads. There are some real gems to be found on this website completely for free.

Number Two: Behance Fonts

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The next place is a website most of us love and that’s Behance. If you go ahead and search free font in Behance. You will be met with a huge amount of results as seen here. Not only are a lot of these free fonts free for commercial use. There is a lot of inspiration because the projects are often shown in a very well made and designed manner. It’s kind of like eye candy for us designers, and that’s a lot like this font here randy typeface. But of course, always check each project to see if it is free for commercial use.

Number Three: DaFont

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Next up is website number three and this is the website that I first started downloading fonts way back about 10 years ago now. On the font, the best thing to do is to click the themes and then search whichever kind of style you want to go for. So for example sans serif. You then search the settings to click 200 fonts and then also 100 free in the drop-down menu. So this will only show you free for commercial use fonts and there are a lot of gems to find on the font so enjoy.

Number Four: Font Fabric

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Next up is font fabric. The developers of this website have really got a great eye for design. Have taken a lot of care to create a visually appealing website. Again always check for font licenses and see what freebies you can download on this website because there are a lot of decent downloads that’s for sure. Font fabric is another one website that not many people know about.

Number Five: Font Squirrel

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Number five is another old favorite of mine and that is Font Squirrel. When scrolling through font square you should be aware that the small icons below each of the font name do indicate the license agreements. It basically tells you where. You can use them where you can’t you want to see the commercial use icon being highlighted when downloading your choices and that’s the one with the desktop monitor on the left. But yeah lots to be found on font square.

Number Six: 1001 Free Fonts

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The free font website in at number six is 1001 Free Fonts. One fonts which I’m pretty sure at this point they have more than a thousand and one fonts to download. There are a lot of font categories at the top which I feel is the best way to browse this website for free fonts.

If you look above the download button next to each font it shows the license agreement. You want to see the public domain and not to see purchase license icons below the download one. Again it just requires that you’re aware of what you’re doing when you’re shopping for these free fonts.

Number Seven: FontSpace

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Website number seven is called FontSpace. Now, this website doesn’t have a huge library, but what they do have is an excellent feature. That I think every font website needs and that is a commercial use button. You just simply click this one button and every font you see would be 100 free for commercial use. But like I said there isn’t a huge amount of fonts to download but there are gems to be found.

Number Eight: NeoGrey

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Now here’s one you likely have never heard of NeoGrey. This site has a very refined selection of fonts that are all beautifully displayed. But yeah I do like these kitsch websites that spend a lot of time on presentation. How they actually look and here you can find free for personal use and also commercial use. And often all you need to do is to donate to gain access to the ones that aren’t free.

So technically you can donate any amount of money you wish to unlock them. They also have other sections to the website such as logos and also cover design. And I do like the style of this website because the work is really neat to need.

Number Nine: The League Of Moveable Type

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The penultimate free font website is “the league of movable type”. This is an entirely open-source font foundry which means three things.

Firstly, it enables new fonts to be created by designers.

Secondly, it enables free font licensing.

Thirdly, people can educate themselves on how things are made in the font world by spending time on this website. It’s an interesting idea and there are some gm’s on here as well. Even though the font library is pretty small.

Number Ten: Google Fonts

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At number 10 is of course google fonts we all know how helpful google fonts has become to designers. You can find thousands of fonts waiting for you to be downloaded free for commercial use and the library is ever-growing.

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