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Why Blue Is The Best Color

Blue is a widely used brand color and it is liked by almost everyone. As a brand color, it is a great color, because it gives a sense of civility, loyalty, responsibility and dependence. Just as red causes physical reactions, blue provides more emotional reactions. However, if you use it excessively, it will give a feeling of cold, distance and some inconvenience.

There are many categories of blue color, each of which carries a different meaning

  1. Pale blue: creativity, freedom, inspiration
  2. Sky blue: calm, selfless, helpful
  3. Azure Blue: Determined, purposeful, ambitious
  4. Navy Blue: Responsible, serious, wise
  5. Turquoise: clarity, harmony, self-expression

In addition to these 5, there are some other categories of blue color that you can see in the picture.

Why Blue Is The Best Color
Why Blue Is The Best Color

Big companies are successfully branding using blue color, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zoom, Skype, PayPal, Samsung, Ford, etc. And if we analyze all these brands, we can see that each of them carries the symbol of creativity, helpfulness, ambition, seriousness, clarity, loyalty, and dependability.

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In this post, the following questions are answered.

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