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Logo Design Tips

While logo design may seem very easy to see, there is a lot of detail and decision making involved for a perfect logo.

There are some points to review when designing a company logo. Such as:

  1. Usability: Logos should be made to fit on every surface and every size. It can be easily used on everything from computer screens to mobile devices, social media platforms, websites, business cards and other print materials.
  2. Shape: The logo should not be too wide or too long, then it will look tough in any design and surface.
  3. Typeface: If the logo is wordmarked, then typeface creates different emotions. Such as: Facebook
  4. Color: Choosing the right color presents a brand differently from their competitors. Such as: Coca-Cola (red) and Pepsi (blue).
  5. Simplicity: Simple logo is always the best. And complex logos don’t work well in all sizes, and it’s not memorable.
  6. Symbolism: A symbol gives a story in logo design. For example, the three-point star sign of the Mercedes-Benz logo signifies their dominance in the three types of transport sectors: land, sea and air.
  7. Originality: The logo must be original. So that it separates them from their competitors and should not be like all the logos seen on the internet. Don’t fall for the trend. The logo should focus on your brand, not just the style you like.
  8. Memorability: A logo that is not memorable is not a standard logo. There will be simplicity and a unique detail of the brand so that people will remember it all the time.
  9. Utility: Is it enough to have a shopping cart with logo for e-commerce? No. What a brand does is to be understood only through the logo. However, the logos of some brands have some shapes or messages that you will understand if you notice well and it will also seem interesting. Look for Amazon and FedEx logos in the picture. Amazon has an arrow below it, which gives a message that everything from A to Z is available. And FedEx is a courier company, they cleverly put an arrow between E and X by which they signify movement.
  10. Aesthetics: If you follow all of the above steps, you still need to make sure the logo doesn’t look bad. Font choice, color shade, design quality all these have to be considered.

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