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What Is Typography

Among the visual elements of graphic design, typography is one of them. Now, whether it is our mobile phone or the website and if it is, the thing we see everywhere is “aesthetic text”. We can see the use of text i.e. topography in everything from books to malls/shops, various digital/print ads.

In reality, what we see is just a word, but we give it a sense, it just happens to be written, doesn’t it?
Whatever the text, be it digital/print, to make it good or bad It all depends on the designer. It’s actually so important.

How bad is the design?

How a text is structured depends a lot on the text and type of design. What each text says, the different textures and emotions are fully expressed through good type/font choice.

A good font works to make a decision/remove hesitation.

Why typography so important?

It is almost complicated to select a good font. Because if you want to do business, your font will be an impression for many people and you will want your impression to go well later. Or if there is a personal project, it is also good, it is not just a good font selection, but the main component of our service.

A good font is not only necessary for you, but it also has a strong point of view, which increases the impression of your product several times. Topography gives your client/user a good guide to your work, which increases user acceptability. Now let’s get to the basics – Typography is an art that consists of a collection of letters, clear spaces. Typography is basically style, structure, appearance which carries some emotion. In a word, good topography inspires life.

Some Design Visual Elements of Typography are Available

  • Typeface
  • Hierarchy
  • Contrast
  • Consistency
  • Alignment
  • White space
  • Color


There are three types of Typeface

  • Serif
  • San- serif
  • Script
  • Display
  • Monospaced

The general rule is to use Serif, San- serif, body text or headline (including title, logo, subtitle, etc.)

Where script and display are used only in the title, and monospaced which is used for code display. It is also used in headlines and body text. Now we can follow some practical guidelines for using fonts that are ours Even after using the font, it will need to be tidied up and the viewer will not have to worry.

How use the font would be better?

Font selection is basically a simple process. The font you are using should connect with your audience.

Keep some limitations in font usage

One of the common mistakes new designers make is using too many fonts in a design. The thing you need to keep in mind, in this case, is to use 2/3 fonts use and design accordingly.

For example, one font heading, one font subtitle, and another font of content

You can also use two types of work in this case.
You can choose another type of family font, but one small thing to keep in mind is that the font you save matches your previous font.

Secondary fonts we have to choose carefully

It is very important to select the font to keep your content subject in simple language because the person viewing your content is a visitor whom you can make your client. Different fonts so that the reader can distinguish between the header and the sub-header so that the fonts are not completely contradictory.

You need to choose the color of the text very well

Color is an important part of the text, which strengthens the desire to use typography.  This means that you have to do good research on color before working on your project.

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